GST Registration In India

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is is most likely to come into effect by July 1, 2017. It will subsume most indirect taxes, such as Service tax, excise, and many other taxes, and replace them once a flat rate that will be sector specific.  As considering any added tax, the events for enrollment and subsequent filing of forms vis a vis the portal can be tedious and cumbersome. This blog provides an overview of Indias GST registration process and explains why there is a quirk for automation in that area.

Registration Process


The registration process sets forth at Depending upon the requirement of the can assesse , user can begin the application process as a New User or Existing User. On the upfront of the web page, use the Provisional ID and the password supplied by the department of VAT . If you were  not have either a Provisional ID or password, admittance your confirm VAT department.

On the next web page, engross in the details to generate One Time Password (OTP) and, surrounded by, the password for your login. On the adjacent web page, tribute the security questions these will come to hand should you ever forget your login details.


Login in the setting of the details set happening in STEP 1. Based upon existing data taking into account the divulge VAT department, some of the tabs will stay populated, and these cannot be shortened. The details that will already be filled are:

-Legal declare of matter (as per PAN)

-Legal state of issue (as per current tax stroke)

-PAN of protest



-Details relating to the Trade Name can be shortened, and the application should ensure that added pending details are filled accurately.


The neighbouring web page revolves harshly the personal particulars of the promoters/owners. It is a handy process and should be a breeze for any applicant possessing the recommendation. If the stakeholder is then the Authorised Signatory, later pick the Also Authorised Signatory substitute.


Upon nominating yourself as the Authorised Signatory, you will have to replicate the procedure in STEP 3, using your personal details. Again, nothing obscure, just a tedious interest-in-the-blanks process.


This is where the merged allocation begins. For the Principal Place of Business, entertain in the strong qualified dwelling and the qualified appreciation details and manage to pay for in documentary evidence for the linked. This is to be duplicated upon the neighboring web page, i.e., Additional Places of Business..


On the ensuing web page after completing the   STEP 5, keep busy in the information relating to the goods and services provided by your matter. On the Goods modify, you must insert  details relating to the relevant HSN applicable to your matter.


Link the relation upon the taking into consideration page after completing STEP 6. The behind page should adjoin details relating to the substantiation of the application and will require a Digitally Signed Certificate or E-signature.


The process upon the applicants subside is now unadulterated. An acknowledgement confirming your registration for GST should be transmitted to your email and phone number within few minutes.

The enrolment procedure calls for complex submissions of several details for a single entity, as dexterously as for all go ahead body out cold the aegis of the applicant. Such monotonous and duplication of breakdown can cause clerical errors.  These can be avoided by using specializ software made by reputed companies in India.

Although GST simplifies the indirect tax regime, it is a obscure tax system in totality. To be adequately tolerant aligned to the GST Act, a supplier needs to ensure that compound forms are filled during registration and throughout the general course of change. All this irritation and consumption of workforce hours can be warded off by automating every one operation.

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